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1. From Wolfe's interview, "I was only playing outside all the time last year, because I lost so much weight (due to the illness). I'm much more comfortable inside."

2. Also from Wolfe interview, "I learned not to work out 3 times a day and push it to the limit every work out. Now I just work out once a day, and give it all I got. It's better to save some energy for gameday."

3. Latimer caught a TD pass from Brock Osweiler.

4. Chris Harris and Von Miller just doing rehab.

5. Ronnie Hllman and Jacob Tamme carrying green footballs after practice.

6. Winston Justice played starting RT today. Clark played backup to Clady at LT.

7. Clady looked pretty good, seemed to be moving fine.

8. Orlando Franklin has been playing LG the whole time.

9. After practice was done, Demarcus Ware spent a lot of time with Chris Clark.

10. They are playing super-fast during practice, even without pads.
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