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Originally Posted by Arkie View Post
I don't know what Zionist personally means to Gaff, but playing the antisemitism card every time somebody attacks Israel is lazy. It's like playing the race card when people attack Obama. I've never seen anybody here (except maybe txtebow) criticize Obama's race, and I've never seen Gaff make antisemitic statements when he's attacking Zionism. I may be wrong because I haven't read every post. Please feel free to post any of his comments that attack Judaism. It's hard for some people to tell the difference between opposition to Zionism and antisemitism.
You nailed it.

I agree with Mandela. That was the whole point of the post. Many Jews were involved in the struggle against Apartheid in S Africa. I personally know one of them - -who spent time in prison.

This Jewish anti Apartheid activist -- like Mandela -- is revolted by Israel's persecution of the Palestinians. Israeli Apartheid is much worse than anything that existed in S Africa.

Zionists have near total control of the US media -- and our Congress -- and target anyone/everyone who opposes them.

So refreshing to see a man -- Mandela -- who has no fear of the smear campaign.

Remember - that interview is 25 years old. Since then, Arafat was murdered by Ariel Sharon -- and Kaddafi was murdered by US lackeys.

We are a long way from a peaceful planet. MHG
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