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Originally Posted by Homer Simpson View Post

10 Sleigh Bells: Treats
09 Spoon: Transference
08 Mumford And Sons: Sigh No More
07 Beach House: Teen Dream
06 Vampire Weekend: Contra
05 LCD Soundsystem: This Is Happening
04 Broken Bells: Broken Bells
03 The Black Keys: Brothers
02 The National: High Violet
01 Gorillaz: Plastic Beach
Hmmm....heard most these albums, but I'll stick to the top 10:

-Like the Gorillaz album alright (the song Lou Reed features on is great), not my #1 by any stretch.

-High Violet is top 3 for me easy.

-Haven't gotten into the Black Key's new album enough to have a verdict, but liked it first couple spins.

-Broken I love the Shins, but only a couple songs from this one really struck me.

-Enjoyed the LCD Soundsystem album and the new Vampire Weekend. Not sure they are top 10 material for me, but I wasn't disappointed by either one.

-Beach House might be my favorite of the year. Definitely up there.

-Not on the Mumford bandwagon at all. God knows I have friends who have tried to win me over.

-Spoon's Transference is a little underrated on the whole, I think. I'm a big fan of theirs, and I liked this album's direction and production, even if it isn't the classic that Kill the Moonlight and Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga are.

-Sleigh Bells Tell Em is just a kick ass album. Perfect for summer. Love it.
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