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Originally Posted by Rohirrim View Post
As long as hypotheses have some semblance of possibility. If somebody put forth the hypothesis that the universe is the product of unicorn ****, how much time do you waste investigating its validity? The simple fact is that the troofer conspiracy theory, to be fact, would have required the cooperation of hundreds of people in diverse walks of life, from building security, to military, to law enforcement, to airlines, etc. etc. etc. It is bull**** on its face.
The evidence did not come from "troofers."

I gave you the links to CNN and FOX. They reported the arrest of the suspicious Israelis.

The cop radio channel from 9/11 described the mural on the van. Were the NYC cops on LSD that morning?

I gave you the link to the report by the DEA about the pre-9/11 activity by the Mossad. You didn't even look at it?

As usual, the problem is between your ears. Or, maybe you are just a coward. You allow shills like W*gs to intimidate you. MHG
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