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Originally Posted by Clockwork Orange View Post
Nuggets are gonna lose this one, they're just way too shorthanded. That's gonna be the story a lot of nights until they start getting guys back in the lineup.

Iverson's final stats. 22 points on 9/15 shooting and 10 assists. Not bad at all.

I was off by 5 points...3 didn't list the rebounds....and 3 beers..

Nugs are going to win it all I feel it...

It was 1997 when my AZ cats and the Broncos took it down. There were naked people up and down 4th ave in Tucson that night. Later that year Elway grabbed his ring. That was awesome. The nugs are in position and the Broncos have time to grow. It could happen again.

Stranger things have happened..........

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