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Originally Posted by TonyR View Post
People keep mentioneing the "gang member" thing but if you've really followed this story closely (as I have since I live in the Philly media market) it's really a bunch of bunk. Most of that stuff came out in 2010, and the Eagles were informed about it. They signed Jackson to his big contract after this, not before. So the fact that it's come out now is more a cover for the organization so as not to enrage the fans over the real reasons (mostly financial) for his release. Any "affiliations" he has with gangs are more acquaintance/friend-of-friend type situations due to where he grew up. If you read the whole Richard Sherman piece I linked above he goes into more detail on this. Marcellus Wiley, among others, has also talked quite a bit about it. The guy in the article I linked below also makes some good points on this.

DeSean Jackson is probably many things including "immature" and "difficult", but this gang nonsense is really mostly a bunch of crap.
That's what I'm thinking. His mouthing off on the sidelines and monster contract is the issue.
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