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Originally Posted by barryr View Post
So the Broncos should go with Tebow, a guy they have done nothing but show they do not believe in? This is a recipe for success? Keeping Tebow would just be until they found someone else and they would be trying and Tebow would know this, so his confidence probably won't be the highest to say the least.
Please tell me who!!! Who do they replace Tebow with after winning their 2nd playoff game in more than a decade Go back to your la la land hating ways. You have no reason in your head apparently. I know Tebow is not highly backed by the FO... but if you see the available talent in the FA... the possible rookie QBs that we could target... and I mean none... none... could be argued to start over Tebow. Just not gonna happen this year. Like it or not... Tebow is a Bronco for 2012 if Manning doesn't sign. Book it!!!

Like we are seriously going to trade Tebow and be left with only Weber...
like I said... if you cant add 1 + 1... go back to school.

*The only way Tebow gets traded is if he asks for the trade... yeah I don't see that happening...

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