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Originally Posted by Rohirrim View Post
Excellent article. Too bad the Right pays no attention to history, or anything else for that matter other than their dogma. Like I keep saying, if the Ukrainians aren't willing to shed blood for the Crimea, why should anybody else? And like this writer points out, Putin controls Europe's natural gas pipe. Europe won't do anything.
Who is asking for war or bloodshed.

The right only saying wow Obama was so wrong about Russia. He had all the signs. They did it in Georgia, Bush's I looked into his eyes BS was proven as Putin foolin GWB. Much like Syria asleep at the switch, no good policy in place to head it off. Just more Obama having no idea what is going on.

He made fun of Romney and Palin when they said Russia could invade Ukraine. He said hey Romney, the 80's wants its foreign policy back.

The left is right that Obama not positioned to do crap about it. That's what happens when you have a President like Carter or Obama. Obama had all the information and instead of laying out to Putin he wouldn't stand for it, Putin knew he could do it.
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