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Originally Posted by broncocalijohn View Post
Isnt there a good breakfast on Colfax close to the ROck n Roll Ramada? I know one of them has the name Denver in it. Some good eats around there.
In the vicinity (north side of stadium is aprox 20th ave and Federal) with good foods:

1. Jack and Grill (Federal and 26th Ave) - famous for the 7lb. Breakfast burrito
2. Sassafrass 26th and Clay (Clay is 2 blocks east of Federal and you can take it straight south to stadium) AWESOME FOOD! AWESOME! Buffalo hash and the fried green tomato Benedict are sweet.
3. La Loma (26th and Alcott, being 4 blocks east of Federal) - good mexican, a little hoity toity for Denver Mexican, but solid food and marge. They do breakfast always before Broncos games.
4. Araujos (25th and Decatur - one block east of Fed) - real simple little place with $1.50 breakfast burritos that are rocking! They have other fair and its clean.
5. Dennys at 17th and Federal - its Dennys.

And the ultimate decision by Irish:
Go to Mona's on 15th Street and Platte (don't get the Streets and Avenues confused in Denver - Street means its in LoDo or downtown, and 15th Street essentially runs into 29th Ave), after you finish breakfast, probably after 11, walk down to the REI, just down Platte, and catch the Bronco trolley to the game. The Bronco trolley is absolutely awesome!
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