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Originally Posted by Swedish Extrovert View Post
I wonder why every one is gunning for Brady like that, but not Manning. I can't remmember a time that this has happened with Manning. It's now twice in two years with Brady.
Well Lions players do work in a very depressing fact they're probably the only people who have jobs in Detroit these days...or maybe it is because Manning's wife (as far as we know) doesn't throw team mates under the bus if they drop a pass like Gisell did after Welker dropped a pass that might have won the game for the Pats.

But I think it has more to do with the Patriots success the past decade and a half especially after Brady became their starting QB...since 1996 they've enjoyed 6 AFC titles, 6 SB appearances, 3 NFL titles.

Much like when the Cowboys were once called "America's Team". Roger Staubach told a story of how Eagles LB Bill Bergey sacked him and knocked the wind out of him, and said "Take that America's QB"

When one franhcise is successful and the other one isn' can cause animosity.
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