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Kahn the real indicator should be how does Peyton do in potential trap games. I remember him losing to a bad Tenn team once but that was a divisional game. What other games in his career did he enter thinking it was a slam dunk then losing?

Our trap game would have been last week, on the road vs a team with some playmakers.

This week we are at home facing a team with no playmakers, MJD is a shadow of himself and the Jags OL is in shambles. They traded away their starting LT then their shiny new LTotF goes down and is out for the year. It will be hard for them to protect Hene.

Hene is also a Backup, I think he is better than Gabbert but he is older and will not run much outside the pocket like a younger QB in the mold of Kapernick would do. Hene has no one to throw to and our Run D is still #1 in the league I believe. They will not be able to run on us which will make them one dimentional. Throw in the fact that their receivers drop lots of balls and I see Denver getting up 28-35 then turning it over to the O.S.S to close out the game.
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