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Chris Harris

Originally Posted by LikeABoss5820 View Post
Wilson isnt better at throwing the ball.

Nor is he better at reading a defense, he's an average pocket passer (Wilson is)

Wilson is better at nearly every metric RE:playing QB, specifically the ones measuring efficiency.
  • higher completion %
  • higher Y/A
  • higher AY/A
  • more TD passes per game played
  • higher TD %
  • lower INT %
  • a rating 13 points higher than Newton's
  • higher career QBR
  • more 4th Qaurter comebacks
  • more GW drives
  • better W/L record

if you used PFR's advanced passing metrics, Wilson blows Newton away again with higher:
  • Y/A+
  • NY/A+
  • AY/A+
  • ANY/A+
  • Cmp%+
  • TD%+
  • Int%+

Thus far, Newton has done 2 things better than Wilson. He's taken fewer sacks per passing play and he's played a better GL RB.

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