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Originally Posted by DENVERDUI55 View Post
Wilson is a better QB by far where it matters most. That is throwing the football, avoiding sacks and knowing when to run. Throw in leadership and super bowl ring and it isn't a discussion.
Better at throwing the football?

Better at avoiding sacks and knowing when to run?

Last year:

Wilson: 407 throwing attempts 44 sacks

Newton: 474 throwing attempts 43 sacks

Wilson had 8 fumbles last year and 4 this year.

Cam had 1 last year and 2 this year.

Can you even imagine Cam on the Seahawks?

Orangemane posters constantly make up bull**** left and right and have no idea what the **** they're talking about.

Why do you people even post when it's clear you don't watch or know anything?
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