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Originally Posted by GonzoLays
I think the trade rumor is bunk myself, but even if the trade did go down, you guys would be raping us. Nene can't rebound for sh*t. Andre is good point guard, but hardly worthy of being part of a two for one involving Pierce.
If the trade goes down, which I don't think will happen, i wouldn't say Denver would be raping Boston. Andre can't shoot past 10ft, but he can be an all star point man in the East. Pierce is an allstar, but he is slow, and I am not sure how he would fit into nuggets' running game. He also plays a lot like Carmelo, and I am not sure that really fits into Nuggets plan. Nene's value now is very underestimated. He was supposed to have a breakout year last year, but he was hurt for much of the season. He is a strong, young dude. He runs like a deer for a big man, and I think his rebounding and outside shooting will only get better. Supposedly, the Nuggets turned down the trade of Nene for Michael Redd last year.

The trade is interesting, but I am not sure if it really is one sided as some may think.
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