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1. It has never crossed my mind that a main character will die in the past few episodes, so that type of suspense was lost on me. More so, I've just been enjoying a very surprising run of action for this part of the season.

2. After really not being able to stand Carol or Maggie for the longest time, I'm on board with both of them now full boar! What a showing of power that episode was for both of them. It has become clear to me now that Carol was ahead of the curve this entire time.. back when Rick was still pretending to be honorable, she took care of business in the prison because she wasn't afraid to do what was necessary to survive. Then you have Maggie.. When her little sister died, I was sure that we would get at least two episodes of her crying and reminiscing over the loss.. but she moved on real quick and I now see that as a foreshadowing of what she has been displaying lately.. her cunning negotiation with the dick head on the hilltop, and then the downright fierce, take no sh*t and take no prisoners brutality towards anyone who got in her way in the compound. Lots of girl power going on and for a change it didn't come off as super forced or cheesy or even self aware. The leader chick they killed, though.. clearly planted a message in Carol's head in my opinion. If there is an inner struggle within the main group and it's Carol vs Rick, remember that last exchange with the uber feminist leader chick.

3. The group continues to change and not be comfortable with it... What are the writers preparing us for? You have a character like Morgan who has attempted to influence the group toward a more compassionate, forgiving/redirecting mindset.. there was that entire episode that flashed back to when he was taught the mindset to begin with... and now we have the group massacring entire clans in order to feed themselves. Are we headed for a showdown between Morgan (and likeminded others, potentially Glenn?) and Rick (and the other more savage characters like Carol and Abe). Or are they simply trying to show us that this is the tipping point where they all make the transition to the types of people that they have long rationalized as murderers before killing them off?

And seriously.. just what in the **** is the deal with Neagen? You all say he was cast as a single individual but the show would lead us to believe that Neagen is a group of people.
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