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Originally Posted by retarded ass article
Whatever! Since when has Raider Nation given a hoot about what the mainstream media has to say?

Should Raider Nation expect Carson Palmer to get to the Pro Bowl? Maybe, maybe not. Should Raider Nation expect Palmer to throw for 5,000 yards, 50 touchdowns and zero interceptions? Absolutely not. But, can Raider Nation expect Palmer to perform as well as, or even better than the other quarterbacks in the AFC West?


The Raiders have more offensive talent than every team in the division, more defensive talent than Denver and San Diego, and the Raiders have the most hungry coaches, the hungriest players and the most motivated general manager in the division by a wide margin.
Wow that article is seriously bad. I'm glad the raiders do not give a hoot......

The "Most hungry Coaches" The "Hungriest Players" HAHAHA I'm sure the raiders would be SB champions of the buffet lines but how does that relate to football.

and on a serious note how is their GM more motivated than John Elway?

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