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Kush & Irsay

Originally Posted by Irish Stout View Post
You're an idiot. You can't make judgments about an Oline simply looking at the flat stat line when Tebow is involved. If you watched any Broncos games then you'd know you're dripping bs from the corners of your mouth. Lets look at this a little bit more systematically:

2011 Broncos QBs
Orton - Sacked 9 times by Opponents in 5 games starting.
Orton - 1.8 sacks per game

Tebow - Sacked 33 times by Oponents in 11 games starting.
Tebow - 3 sacks per game

Same Oline. One QB was mobile and one was slow. One was technically a better passer and one was technically a more dominant athlete. If you watched games, you'd see Tebow get sacked because he often didn't know what or how to execute an appropriate play and he would hold the ball for WAY too long. That same delay created plays and killed drives. Only a handful of Tebows sacks were due to the Oline. Most were because he would hold the ball and stay behind the line of scrimmage for 8-10 seconds.

Did you know that Tebow didn't audible one snap in 11 starts? Regardless if a blitz was coming or not, Tebow couldn't adjust the offense to protect himself from a sack.

All of that being said, Tebow could be a monster. With a little more QB maturity he has the potential of destroying defenses for years to come. However, he has a long way to go to learn how to read and adjust to a defense. Once he does his sack numbers will fall.

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