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Recent reads: I can't pick five magazines let alone five books that are best...

The five people you meet in Heaven. Mitch Albom - If you are an athiest or die hard bible Christian or anything in between I challenge you to read this. This is, from a spiritual standpoint, a children's book for adults. He also wrote Tuesdays with Morrie. I haven't read that book yet but heard it's incredible.

Tom Clancy - Without Remorse, Rainbow Six, and Debt of Honor -- I just discovered Clancy. The detail and accuracy is incredible.

Louis L'Amour - End of the drive - Picked it up couldn't put it down.

Get Shorty - Elmore Leonard - Interesting read

One L - Scott Turow (If you are considering law school a must read)

I've actually completed a book, a film script, poetry book, and wrote lyrics for this chic band in Colorado.

I think anyone who reads should sit still on a camping trip and play with writing. It's incredible how many of us have pretty cool stories that we call our daily lives.

If you like to read take a shot at writing. You might be surprised how good your story might be or become.
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