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Shelby Harris

Originally Posted by KCStud View Post
Tamba has more sacks than any player in the AFC the last 2 years (led AFC in 2010), was very solid against the run last year, and was voted to be the better LB by the players.

Von is going to be the best very soon (maybe this year), but last year as a rookie he got hurt and struggled in the later part of the season and had his own struggles while Tamba has had years to become a productive player.

It's not a bad ranking at all for the preseason. Of course it could very well change next year.
Really hate agreeing with a KC fan but I have to say he's right on this one. Van had a stellar rookie year and shows immense potential and upside but if you're ranking the here and now you have to plump for the proven player.

There are plenty of other things to hate about the article though. Does seem like a classic Burger Bill "phoned in from the couch" piece....

Thing is, I find it hard to take Hali seriously due to Bob repeatedly promising he's going to absolutley destroy us, only for that to not actually happen on Sunday....
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