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It is super bowl, or its a failure, because Denver is scrapping the supposed "build through the Draft" plan to contending that Elway said he would follow.

Manning will only come here if he thinks he can go to and WIN a superbowl in the next few years. Elway is telling him that "I've been there...done that, and at the same age. I can get you there and will get you what you need!"

That means bringing in a lot of FA pickups in areas where we are not at strength. Manning isn't an idiot...he is a coach on the field and has looked at film of last years Broncos. He probably will give Elway a list of positions that he needs to see better players at to come here, and Elway and co have to promise him they'll get them.

It scraps our current plan and puts a premium on win now! We won't have 2-3 years to develope draft picks. That is why its super bowl or FAIL.

And if we don't get there, and then Manning retires or is hurt, we have Mannings team, which may be better...or may not since he has a unique skill set that requires a QB like him to take advantage of.

How many top draft picks did Indy use at QB while PM was there and playing? How many will he let Elway use to bring in his evetual replacement?

Thsi is handing the Team to PM. When he is gone we will be facing the same thing Indy did this year.
Psssht. Pfffft.

Selling your soul for a 2 year playoff window doesn't mean you should actually deliver in that window, fool. Only that you should bet the farm and then give it the good ol' college try.

At least an AFC Championship or this would be looked at universally as an abject failure. Although I personally wouldn't trade our current youth and cap space for one Lamar Hunt trophy.

Football is entertainment first and foremost. People who would trade a potential for say 8 years of exciting football for 1 2nd place trophy are beyond my ability to rationalize.
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