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Originally Posted by TonyR View Post
Such a silly perspective. Takes not only being good to win a championship, but you also need some luck. You have to be able to compete in the playoffs to have a chance at a championship. With a healthy Manning and some other improvements that's what this team should be able to do.
Yeah, the idea that you HAVE to win the Super Bowl or it's a failure is nonsense. What if we trade Tebow to Jacksonville, and he totally flames out? Then, if nothing else, we would have saved ourselves at least one wasted season with Tebow and given ourselves the best chance possible to compete. There are any number of scenarios that will determine whether or not this was a worthwhile move. The move could prove to be a bad one. But to say the only acceptable outcome is a Super Bowl win or it's a failure independent of other factors is incredibly myopic and, as you said, silly.

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