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D.J. Williams

Originally Posted by Clockwork Orange View Post
SoCal, what's the story with Jordan Staal? Is he with the big club for good or is he just getting a trial run before he's sent back to juniors this season?
We don't know yet. It was a sure thing going into the season that he would only have his 9 game stint, but he is making the decision more difficult. He's doing an outstanding job on the PK unit and has played well generally. Coach Therrien wants him to stay, but I think Shero is still probably going to send him back to Peterborough, as we don't want him and Malkin to hit FA the same year down the line. I wish we'd keep him up though, even though he isn't very fast, at least in his first few steps, he has a great hockey sense and seems to be in the right spots...he could easily have 3 goals right now instead of 1.

I wish they'd just put him at wing already on one of the top two lines. We've got absolute crap there right now and its holding the whole team back. Get him off the 3rd and 4th line and just let him play with Crosby and Malkin, he can't possibly do any worse than Recchi, LeClair, Malone and Ekman. LeClair needs to retire, he is an absolute joke on the ice.
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