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Originally Posted by SoCalBronco
Horrible call. The refs are sucking your ***** tonight, Philly.

EDIT: I guess its matching penalties, cant figure out how its 5 on 5, but there's guys in the box.

SoCal...... Are you ****ing high bro? The refs are literally trying to GIVE the game to the Sabers. Buffalo 10 power plays (including a 5 on 3) to 5 power plays for the Flyers.

Did you see the 4 power plays the refs GAVE the Sabers in the first OT? Talk about BS calls.

As far as the hit goes, it was a stone cold cheap shot. Not only was it a cheap shot, it was a charge. That p*ssy who hit Umberger took 3 -4 long strides and hit a pleyr WITHOUT the puck. Cheapshot, charging and interference all in one. Why is it legal to lower your shoulder PAD into the face of a defensless player? I'll never understand the difference between an elbow and hard plastic shoulder pads.
Now, everyone likes to comment about Philly fans. Question for you...... how'd you feel about the 2 minute standing ovation as Umberger laid motionless on the ice. Or how about the USBC arena playing the hit 10 times on the jumbotron as Umberger was being helped off the ice and the crowd going nuts? That was cool huh?

I'm on the fence about how I want this series to play out now. I already called the series as Buffalo winning in 5. Now, I'm don't even know if I'd be that upset if we lose. I want retribution. I want to see someone, anyone, on the flyers to take a 2 hander to that gutless p*ssies face who hit Umberger. I want him lying flat on a stretcher. At this point, I want him dead. I'll gladly stand and cheer as it's happening too.
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