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A couple reminders.

1. Make sure you PM me with a legal target for your player vote. The target has to be a member of the opposing team. That "member" can be either another player or the "shadow" of a player, but whichever it is, it has to be on the opposing team.

2. No one has immunity this round.

3. For those of you who still have shadows in play ... the shadows are under no obligation to vote. But if they do vote (and I assume most of them will), they can only vote against members of the team to which they are not assigned. Their targets may include players or other shadows.

4. If a shadow casts an "illegal" vote, I will ignore it. I will treat it as if it were passive or "sleeping" this round. That does not give your shadow any special protection. It can still be killed by a single valid vote from anyone.

5. As mentioned. the deadline for this round has been moved to 2:00 pm.

6. Because we aren't using asterisks anymore, the top tiebreaker is "prior votes against." The second tiebreaker is earliest vote against.

7. I am distressed to announce this, but while in the Jury waiting room, the ghost of CBF1 attacked the ghost of cbs1177 with a hard punch to the ectoplasm. CBF1 has temporarily been sent to the ghost jail but will be back forthe final vote. The ghost of cbs1177 has been sent to the celestial recovery room and should also be back in the jury room shortly. If we have any future violence between celestial jury members, steps will be taken.
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