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The off-season.
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Originally Posted by -Slap- View Post
Drek, BroncoLB52 and I are lifelong roto freaks. I know I can speak for him when I say we would be thrilled to have you participate. Your football perspectives are always first rate, so I know you'll draft an excellent team.

I PMed Breck Bronc and he expressed interest, too.
As far as I'm concerned...Drek is in.

Slap...what's going on with this thing? Are we just drafting...or is this going to turn into some sort of league? If so what is valued in players? I have no idea what fantasy/roto baseball is all about. BroncoLB52 just shot me a PM asking me to take part, so I'm going in blind here.

I'm on deck and I've got two players in mind, and if both are available I'd like to know what sort of criteria I should use in making a decision.
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