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I admit when I'm wrong. I never thought the price would fall below $1500. It's not as ridiculous as the OP and other posts on the first page saying gold was in a bubble 4 years ago at $1000. When we have a short-term spike, gold is in a bubble. It's a bad investment. When we have a short-term collapse, gold is becoming worthless. It's a bad investment. That's how some people see it.

When you look back at the stock supercycle, stocks collapsed in '87, 89, 90, 94, 97, 98. And every time, people said the bull market is over, but it wasn't until 2000. The gold supercycle began over a decade ago. A 6 month chart showing a collapse doesn't change anything. I'm shocked how cheap gold is currently selling, or how much more of a profit you'll make at the end of this long term cycle.
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