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Phillip Lindsay

Originally Posted by ol#7 View Post
Morton lit up the league in 81 (no pro bowl for some reason), then his body quit on him in 82 during the strike year. He thought about coming back in 83 as a mentor to Elway, but couldn't physically do it. An old broken down Morton still beat out DeBerg in training camp in 82 though hehehe.

Read 'Then Morton Said to Elway' sometime, great accounting of the Broncos from 77 onwards. Love me some Craig Morton!

Everyone (outside of Denver) hated Elway for pulling that on the Colts. Until then no one had the leverage to do it, and FA was a few years away. Bradshaw in particular ripped him a new one.
The original #7. I remember not thinking too highly of Elway at first, for doing that to the Colts. I also remember back in those days being disgusted that Gastineau would celebrate after a sack. It just wasn't done. Times change.
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