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Randy Gradishar

Just say NO to the Broncos Manning...please.

Signing Manning will be a mistake. After 14 years of football with a bad neck on a way better team than what the Broncos have Manning IS NOT going to be the same QB he was 5 or even 2 years ago.

Can he still play? Yes.

Is his primary reason for continuing to play related to $ís and ego and will he hit the jackpot lotto when he signs? Yes.

Do those 2 reasons trouble you if youíre a Broncos Fan? They do to me.

Will the astronomical price in dollars and cents be worth the gamble? No.

Will he improve a team like the Broncos chances of winning? Maybe.

Will the Broncos be a playoff team or a Super Bowl winning team with him at QB? Maybe the playoffs, but the Super Bowl, highly doubtful.

Will Manning end his career ugly if he goes to a rebuilding team like the Broncos? Odds are very good.

Isnít it smarter to hold onto the cap money theyíd spend on him and use it to look to fill all the other holes on the team with draft picks and good free agents at DB, DL, LB, RB, WR and maybe a TE? A resounding YES!!

The media hype and what I consider the ignorant short sightedness by fans who think this is what the Broncos MUST do are being set up for an epic failure. Itíll set the team back maybe 2 to five years because of the bankroll heíll demand.

I just think this is a horrible idea even in the short term because Manning while he still has same game left in him canít possibly at his age and with his chronic injuries carry an average or bad team to a Super Bowl win. It just wonít happen. He was a great QB but his best days are more than likely behind him and I see a horrible scenario in which the Broncos organization and worse yet the fans gets raped and robbed.

Favre was a far better athlete at his age and had a stronger arm than Manning does at this point in his career and look how Favre ended? He was on a far better team than Manning will go to also.

One more thing, this really has nothing to do with Tebow by the way but the long term future of the Broncos. While Iím not sure if heís capable of taking the team to the next level this is still a bad strategy anyway you look at it. If Tebow lays and egg this season I have no problem looking at other options in 2013. Iím results oriented, if he canít carry the water then itís onto a guy who can. I like Tebow the man but winning supersedes his personal magnetism and charm. The team should stick it out one more year with Tebow to see if he pans out and spend their money elsewhere this season.

Today Manningís supposed to make a decision about where he will go. If it does happen and he signs in Denver as always Iím a Broncos Fan first and last so Iíll root for him to succeed. Iíll root for him because heís on my team but I wonít be happy about it because I see disastrous results in the long term for my team.

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