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Originally Posted by Clockwork Orange View Post
This region wants so badly to support this team, but they don't give anyone a reason to. It makes it worse when you can't even get attatched to the homegrown players because ownership doesn't want to pay them either.

The Monforts no longer seem to be interested in generating any excitement. They're content to sell 20,000 tickets (drawing closer to 10,000) per game and collect welfare checks from MLB. They treat this team like a business and nothing more.
Pretty much yep. The big problem with the rockies isn't even that they're cheap, its that they have no clue how the business of baseball works.

The "big market v. small market" excuse that teams like the Rockies pander to is all hot air with no substance. Many teams that don't have a limitless vault from a major media market still find a way to fund a very good team. Toronto isn't exactly a hot bed of sports love, but the team has kept themselves competitive and built a warchest through the lean years that can help them get back on their feet. San Francisco, one of two bay area teams, aren't afraid to spend money on veterans either. But then we're told that Pittsburgh isn't a big baseball market. PITTSBURGH! Its a sports city to its bone. Or that the entire Rocky Mt. region can't support the Rockies, that Minnesota can't get by and should be contracted, etc..

The only financial problems these teams have is ownership issues. They aren't baseball people, just businessmen looking to cash a check.

I'd be a better GM than the Rockies current management, and they could keep payroll locked at the same percentage of income its at now. Within five years they'd be hosting sell outs, be on national TV weekly, and have a payroll around $90-$100M, while still making the same percent profit. They have a great foundation to be a dominant team. The NL West is weak, they have a launching pad for a home field (people dig the long ball) and can build around it.

What the Rockies should do is invest money in pitchers with high G/F ratios and low WHIPs, a guy like Derrek Lowe would have been an excellent signing, getting Kameron Loe from the Rangers would be another smart move. Then build a starting unit that has plus defenders at SS and 2B, a very rangy CF, and fill the corners with power bats. People are going to hit homeruns in Coors, embrace it and make sure the opposition is hitting solo shots while the Rockies are hitting two and three run bombs.
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