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The off-season.
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Originally Posted by Bronco LB 52 View Post
You know Lake Elsinore on Thursday nights has a $2 beer night! They also have half priced beer for the other games when the "beer batter" goes down on strikes.

I haven't heard anything about them jacking up the prices for those games, but I bet you're right.
Last season it was dollar beer night on Thursdays. I've never gone to one of those though...I assume that too many amateurs show up to get lit. Although it must not be too bad because it's a very family friendly place, and they didn't cancel it. HAH! I have never heard of the beer batter. Before the games I like to go into the bar that used to be Randy Jones' barbecue, and get a gin and tonic or two. They're right around 3 bucks, and lay a good foundation for the rest of the night.

Minor league sports are a pretty good value. A storm game is cheaper than going to a movie.

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