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i seriously do not get the boykins love affair. what confuses the matter even more is this isn't just from karl.

Coach Bz like boykins too. I thought that perhaps when he is replaced a good coach would see the problems that boykins game brings to the nuggs. I figured Karl, especially considering his stress on defense, would begin to limit boykins minutes. Instead we see the same love affair. I just don't get it - I talk so many other people who truly know the game, and pretty much everyone agree's on boykins...

what are we missing that the coaches see in him?
I have no idea. Last night was shining example of why Boykins should NOT be on an NBA roster. He started the game 0-7, doing his standard of pounding the ball into the floor then chucking up a ****ty shot as the 24 second clock winds down. He's a complete liability on defense. Send him to the Globe Trotters.
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