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The magnanimous approach...

Well, quite a day here. I put in a 13 hour day and I'm pretty exhausted, but it was great to get home at around 10:00 and see the results.

What does being Survivor champion means? Satisfaction. Overcoming 31 other talented, creative, and sick and twisted players is definitely an accomplishment. I'd certainly like to thank OD and Dom for running this great offseason diversion. Also thanks to Apa, Falc, Rev, Mediator, and dotroh for being a great core alliance and drawing some fire off me in the late rounds. And thanks to periphery allies like BFL, Yoda, broncobiv, and Gunns. It was nice to steamroll the opposition in the early to middle of the game. Many thanks to Baja for his support in the Ghost round. I couldn't have been gotten here without your willed votes! Lastly, thanks to everyone that voted for me in the final vote. Your support of me, even though we may have clashed in the game, tells me that I played the game the right way. Thank you all.

I am excited for next year and another clash in some demented scenario. Now we get back to the real meaning of this site. Go Broncos!

Yours, as always,


and then.....

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