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Louis Wright

Originally Posted by Agamemnon View Post
Cam Newton and Kaepernick are not good passers, sorry. They are mediocre by NFL standards when it comes to throwing the football. Eli Manning was dog**** this year, so we can throw that out. Andrew Luck is good but not eilte yet. So like I said Drew Brees is the only elite passer they have faced and they faced him in ideal conditions both times (and he still threw for quite a few yards in the playoff game).
First of all, WE ARE GOING TO THE SB!!!! Let's not get into any thing nasty tonight. Let's enjoy!

And so where is the list of elite QBs, or to be more fair, elite teams we have faced?

Again don't get me wrong I think we win this game. And there is no way they have faced a QB as good as Peyton because he is the best. And I think that Seattle is a pretty darn good team and it will be a tough game. All I am saying.
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