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Originally Posted by baja View Post
You guys crack me up with your knee jerk reactions jumping to protect who knows what.

Fact; The market for illegal drugs in in the prosperous United States - depute that

Fact; Assault weapons used by drug gangs used to kill one another plus some collateral damage are manufactured in the USA and are illegal in Mexico - dispute that

I never blamed all Mexico Problems on the USA. Mexico has severe systemic problems but they are moving in the right direction. That is my position. The first requirement for a discussion is to understand your opponents position. I have stated mine more that once but you continue to misrepresent my position.

You are the one who misrepresents yourself.

FACT: there are still thousands and thousands of illegals crossing the border from Mexico into the US for a better life for themselves and their families. Until you dispute this fact, the rest of your social agenda is gibberish IMHO.
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