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Phillip Lindsay

Originally Posted by barryr View Post
, you have to be kidding. Yeah, the liberals criticism of Obama just fill countless threads around here, much less their websites. How about criticisms other than "Bush did it too" which somehow excuses him or Obama isn't liberal enough? Nah, requires too much thought. Many liberals like to believe their are objective and independent thinkers, but reality says another. Liberals also believe their websites where they get their news are objective too. All of their sites are love fests for Obama and ready made excuses for him on every subject. Not to mention finding some way to blame a republican for Obama's gaffes. As for talking points, you liberals take the cake on that. About everything you just spouted could easily and correctly be directed at you too. But I know, you're an independent thinker, who just happens to think just like an indoctrinated liberal would. "But, but, it's Bush's fault." Good boy parrot.
Translation: Baaaaaaa!
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