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Originally Posted by Rascal View Post
hate to say he is right, but damn, it sure does look like Biden's plan is the best course of action. And with Turkey officials stating that they support a Kurdish state, supported by their oil pipeline contracts, it might be time to implement that plan.

One thing I know for sure....this is an internal Iraqi issue and I do not want ANY troops sent over there. We've wasted enough $$ trying to rebuild that sand box, time to spend that $$ here at home. Not to mention Maliki is a turning into Bashar al-Assad 2.0.

And this situation was caused by a lying president (Bush/Cheney) and exacerbated by a feeble president in Obama. The Cheney statement, "rarely has a US President been so wrong about so much" is so dumb it defies description.

So Saddam became an issue for the US in March, 2003. Interesting.

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