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Elway needs to go to AA.

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Phillip Lindsay

Originally Posted by rmsanger View Post
I really really like Champ and he's had a nice career but he may be the single most overrated player on the OM. The dude was great for us for maybe 4 years but his numbers, play, and overall intensity have fallen way off since 07/09. But people talk about him like he's the GOAT as a corner, personally I doubt he cracks top 5. Again he's had a nice career (great by Broncos standards) but the dude has fallen way off during the most important time to win in his career.
Whenever I see people make statements like this about Champ I know they are those kinds people who think great cornerback play is measured by interceptions. It's funny really. The number one reason our pass defense has gone to crap this season is not having Champ like we did last year. Seriously, get a clue.
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