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Originally Posted by Requiem View Post
Not even remotely true at all. The only people who don't realize how you can upgrade a Mac are the people who don't know anything about computers other than how to boot them up and surf the web. It takes a little "smarts" to do it, but it easily can be done. How many people with PCs do you know that are bossing 32GB of RAM in their system. Probably none.
I only have 8 gig of ram installed in my desktop but using a 64gig flash drive I mounted I turned on Ready Boost and dedicated 32gig to it so technically I have 40gig of RAM. It helps with read times some. It helps more on my laptop where I have 4 gig installed RAM and use 3Gig of a 4gig Flash drive. I notice it helps more on the laptop.

I like Kahn's idea of just installing Win7, you can always install an older OS and still be licensed.
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