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Originally Posted by bpc View Post
I bought an HP w Windows back in early 2007. It burnt out in less than 6 mos. Apparently I got the dud. As I purchased at best buy w their protection plan, they comped me the money back towards another laptop. I went with my first Mac. Took me time to get adjusted to along w downloading word/excel, etc. That was prior to my wedding in mid/late 2007. I'm proud to say that laptop is STILL going strong. Performance is great, fast, all major parts still working. I had to get an external hard drive for more storage but that's it's.

My wife and I are both supplied laptops for work... Sure enough windows laptops. They crash and burn all the time. The amount of bugs and other junk in it is incredible. Do yourself a favor and go with Apple. You'll pay more but it is a higher quality product w much more uptime vs downtime.
I would have to say that your work is probably buying cheap crap if it continues to fail all the time. If you're talking about the software OS having issues all the time then perhaps your IT guy is crap. I have absolutely no problems with Windows 7. I've built 5 PC's and installed Windows 7 and I've not yet got one complaint from any of the people I've built them for. Same goes for Mac. I've used them alot also and no complaints, except that you indeed pay alot more for no reason other then the name APPLE.
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