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Originally Posted by Conklin View Post
but I can honestly say that I had open communication with both the winners from the very start of the game, was never targeted by them, and helped toward the end, ensure that they made it to the final rounds, so if you claim your "allies" won, I just have to laugh. you got played, you'd have been out the round prior had you been considered a threat, instead, we went after others cuz you were a pawn the entire game, despite the fact you think you orchestrated the perfect game....there's a reason why I was targeted early.... and there's a reason you weren't targeted, I'll let you see if you can figure it out
Please, describe for me in detail where I said my allies won? I simply said you guys saw what happened, and you inferred that's what I meant.

I didn't get played at all. I knew full well that allying with anyone was only temporary. My strategy all along was to just do whatever I had to to last until the final round. The reason I let the plan out before the final vote was to see if I could either a) get all the ghosts to attack me, cower and hope the rest would kill each other, or b) at the very least pull votes away from someone I didn't want to win.

But yeah, dude. You're a mastermind.
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