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I'll tell mine from my point of view.

Right off the bat, JCM comes in and says me, hough, DBronc, Rohirrim and phibacka are a team. If anyone wins from our team we can consider that a win for us too. So we all agreed. Then a few rounds later, someone mentions canadian as a target to me, so I go to him and Navy, and say we need to protect each other because you're both targets. So then they're like cool. And broncosteven is all trying to feel out where everyone's allegiances are, so I invite him on board Houghtam's Canadian Navy Shuttle. Meanwhile I go back to my original team and I'm like hey let's vote this way because it will make it look like we're not after those guys, but we really are and stuff. So that's what we did. Then some other **** happened and kinda screwed some of us up. I think it was the zombie round. So JCM died and was like you guys I think we can get bfofl and Falconer up in this piece too. So we did. And then you guys saw what happened.
It's funny I heard this for four rounds and got very few votes.

Although I stayed with this alliance for the most part I was also in talks with bfofl and JMC as they got me through a few rounds. broncosteven then went against us and we knew we smelt a rat, which lead to his demise.
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