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November 9, 2006

A blue blessing: Drew departs!

Only Scott Boras would have the balls to sit down with a brittle guy who's set to make $33 million over the next three years, look him in the eye, and tell him that he's underpaid. And only J.D. Drewógreedy from the start after refusing to sign with the Phillies out of college for anything less than $10 millionówould be stupid enough to listen to him. Drew opted out of the remaining three years of his contract on Thursday, becoming a free agent to the surprise of many... and to the joy of many more. Ned Colletti can moan about how the Dodgers have to go out and get two big bats now, but Drew's move should be considered an early Christmas presentóbetter than a new bike, a digital camera, or a trip around the goddamn world. Sure, he knocked in 100 runs last season, but what are the odds that he'll ever play in 146 games again? He's a good hitter, but how long before his ovaries hurt again? From practically the moment Paul DePodesta signed Nancy to that $55 million contract, everyone knew it was a colossal mistake. And now, poof, there's $33 million back in Frank McCourt's pockets to spend on mini-skirts for his wife. It's truly incredible. It's a disgusting decision on Drew's part, but it's beautiful. Like the hills of Tuscany. Or free-flowing traffic on the Santa Monica Freeway.

"I told Colletti there was a strong demand in the marketplace for guys with J.D.'s skills," said Scott Boras. Really, Scott? A high demand for guys who hit 20 home runs, play with fear of injury in the outfield, and have to be handled like a rare crystal vase by their manager? There was never a lot of love for J.D. Drew in the baseball world, and his decision to give up $33 million out of sheer greed isn't going to gain him any fans. It's one thing if he absolutely hated living in L.A., but from all indications, he didn't. Boras made it clear: "It was a business decision." Ok, but don't come crawling back to the Dodgers when you're only offered a 2-year, $12 million contract by the Kansas City Royals. (God, we can only hope.)

"I know J.D. is a spiritual guy and a man of his word," said Ned Colletti. "I guess he changed his word." That's Colletti's nice way of saying that Drew is going to hell. Which begs the question: Is there a disabled list in hell?
Funny stuff. I'd be glad to if I was a Dodger fan get out from under that contract and open up a spot for Matt Kemp. Not bad...
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