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Pat Bowlen

KCStud reminds me of Bob circa 2006. Obsessed with being better than the Broncos and believing every player on the team is superior or at least as good. Spending hours arguing with Bronco fans. After each point is shot down, Bob would just lob another, very loosely related, point to try and shift focus.

KCStud opened with Chris Houston being superior to Von Miller. After several pages of back peddling he's managed to argue that Von Miller isn't as good as two HOF players and probably feels like he "won" the argument even after making a fool of himself with the LT had three FF in his whole career fiasco.

Bob did it with more bravado, but functionally their MO's are the same. Bob has become more critical of the FO since that time. He used to be the apologist de jour for the Chiefs, but has since soured on the organization as a whole (as you will find many Chief fans take a pretty cynical view of the organization.) KCStud, probably because he is younger and more idealistic, has filled that role. And what you see in this thread is what Bob used to do, with a bit more hilarity, many moons ago.

BTW, on Houston, he couldn't hold Miller's Jock. Houston had 5 sacks his last six games. What they don't tell you is he got three against the Caleb Hanie led Bears and their porous offensive line. He had one sack against the Jets and his final sack and half was against Tebow. So basically Houston feasted on two QB's that are one of the easiest to sack in the NFL. He's no Von Miller.
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