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Originally Posted by chadta View Post
The Crosby era
2 GM's
3 coaches
2 failed sales of the team
throwing the last game of the year to face the Sens first round
Palfy leaving the team
the Lemeiux re-retirement
LeClair and Recchi waived
Hossa signing with Detroit
Orpik saying he wouldn't return

Now they are in danger of not making the playoffs, in cap hell, have no high end prospects, and still can't find wingers to mesh with Sid. long live the NHL's version of al davis. You guys cant draft squat without a top five pick.

while youd probably win the argument that cindy, geno and stall are a little stronger then richards, carter and briere, no way in hell are your scrub wingers close to gagne, knuble, lupul, hartnell, giroux and upshall, well ok maybe they are close to upshall, but i dont think any of your wingers make the flyers top 9.

and that my friend is why you dont build a team where half the cap is tied up in 4 players, specially when 2 of then are soft, and one is a hit an miss goalie.

You are pretty full of ****.

We aren't in cap hell. See you guys can't have it both ways. You can't say they need to spend money on wingers, but not pay the talent they want to keep and not overspend on people that don't merit it.

You guys are just running on the pens, everyone knows it. Until you get your facts straight - you just keep looking like a douchebag.
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