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Has anyone here had a problem with recieving their tickets from stubhub?? I ordered mine July 28th got an e-mail saying they were delievered but the guy i have watching my house said he hasn't seen them. I'm deployed over seas right now so all my mail gets forwarded to my dads but it was FedEx so they go straight to the house to deliever but when my wife (who is over here with me) called the local FedEx depot they said they haven't delievered anything to the house since July 2nd. Is maybe it coming from a different FedEx depot?? Since it's 1:45pm over here and only 4:45am for you i have to wait to call them and figure everything out. Just wondering if anyone has ever had problems with them because when FedEx delievers and your not home they leave a note on the door.
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