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How can he punish the Spurs for NOT breaking any rules. He just looks like a money hungry bastard to me. It sucks for the fans but it comes with the game. Had this not been a marquee match up on primetime against a lesser team, there would be no problem.

Sports have become so full of **** lately. The people at the top just abuse the rules for the sake of money.

Stern: "hingadingadervinnnnn. All your fanbase are belong to me. Gonna punish you for somethimg not against the rules and then make it a new rule for next year. Derp."
Exactly. Popovich does this last night instead of tonight and its a non story with no punishment. Pop has done this before and nothing happened. It was a bit more extreme since Stephen Jackson and Leonard are both out with injury. If anything it shows how a team can play with 100% effort. That team hung in there all game. Usually they sit all game at the end of the bench.
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