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Originally Posted by kupesdad View Post
Yeah they are talking about me coming in next month and inject more pellets. They want me around 700 as well. So they have you injecting yourself weekly or do you go into their office and get the shot?
I self inject once every two weeks. My Endo wanted me to do weekly to get away from the peak and tough effect, but the idea of injecting myself even once bothered me. I've done it three times now and it's not a big deal so I think I'm going to go to once a week.

Originally Posted by FlyingCircus View Post
Okay Kupesdad, did you have to give back the shiny vagina?

Okay, kidding, but I am glad you are doing better. I hope Kaylore's treatments goes as well, I think his 37 wives don't want to compete with him getting a shiny one of his own.
You know there are studies that when a man lives with women and children that his T level drops. I am pretty sure this is alls y'alls fault.

Originally Posted by rugbythug View Post
No the estrogen does. And test will aromatize into estrogen.
Yeah we're checking for that this week. I'm hoping if it's high they put me on an estrogen inhibitor. I've also read that more frequent, smaller doses help with that since aromatization is most problematic when the levels spike.
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