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Fans are fans. Get over it. Fans are people, they see a product they don't like, sometimes they let the million dollar athlete have it verbally. And this is a problem? Jake, by the way, is his own worst enemy, not the fans. They've been patient, however, not anymore for alot of them. You get out of the doghouse by doing your job well, not by continuing to fail when it counts most. That, get's you fired. Jake better grow a damn thick skin or cowboy up, one or the other works, in any case, get your damn job done. Incompetence should not be it's own reward, and allowing someone to continually fall short, hurts the whole team, not just the offense. Nough said, shanny has the ball, lets see what he does with it. Either way, their poor play quite simply affects me not one iota. I sleep well whether they excel or fail, do wish they would play better though...dman
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