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Originally Posted by azbroncfan View Post
You support the guy behind center unbelieveable concept. The guy has one more REGULAR season games besides anyone not named Brady or Manning since whenever the stat starts. Bronco fans nowdays are just a bunch of ADD gen-x kids who don't know what it's like to be a fan. Me personally I'm the best fan around and support the guy under center.
I don't support any player playing like crap. I guess Favre was playing before you were born. People calling for a change are not ADD Gen-x idiots assertion. Idiotic. Your not the best fan around if you don't see that a change has to be made. Your an idiot.

"I'm the best fan around and support the guy under center"

Where do you go with that? Yeah, we pray Jake he Mistake won't choke again...doesn't mean we don't see an option.

Here is the kicker to this moron:

Where do you do with that? If you see someone stealing money you turn them in. If they tell you to jump off a bridge you tell them to stuff it up their ass.

Your a complete idiot. Your saying that your supporting Jake to the point of stealing and jumping to your death. God your an idiot.
Right over your head you drunk moron. If you posted here sober you would know the sarcasm I was making. Have another bottle of Popov you drunk bumbling catlover.
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