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Originally Posted by Archer81 View Post
The Eagles-Chiefs game in Philly was interesting. They kept going to a Chiefs bar in Philly, and those drunken a-holes were doing the warchant and tomahawk chop...nothing screams racism like white people going woowoowoo and chopping their arms in the air.

Yeah, thats bad. I know most people don't seem to care, but their butchering of the national anthem drives me bonkers as well. Also, if you ever go to a KC Broncos game and the Broncos lose, expect their fans to be even bigger pricks than normal. They are the sourest bunch of winners I have ever seen in any situation. They'll throw full beer cans at you in the praking lots, hee-haw at you , flash their weiners at you (happened to me multiple times and makes no ****ing sense), and generally attempt to be the biggest bag of turds we could possibly have in this country.
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